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All Benelli bathroom furniture is crafted by our experienced joiners to create every detail, using cutting-edge nesting, routing, drilling and edge banding machines. Use of water-resistant, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting multi-layer E1 plywood panels.

All wood surfaces are perfectly treated with Timber Veneer and only environmentally friendly paint to ensure a sustainable ecological environment. Different colour choices require different surface treatments.

Each furniture piece takes shape by means of assembly. Each element finds its right position. Equipped with drawers and hinges. Every detail is checked and each drawer adjusted until the switch is smooth and perfect.

Benelli uses only the highest quality components and accessories such as stabilizers or drawer opening synchronizers, which other manufacturers only provide as optional. Every piece is tested with its washbasin top and checked and has to pass the most stringent quality control before being packaged and dispatched to their customers.

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