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Benelli Ever Evolving Visionaries

Architectural excellence demands that every detail reflect a refined aesthetic.
At the same time, the practicalities of development and construction demand solutions that are timely, fit-for-purpose and suited to project budgets.

Their Story

Benelli prides themselves in sourcing , manufacturing and supply of building and construction products, and premium-styled sanitary ware bathroom products, with a dedicated research and development division,and  a stable and reputable supply chain. 


The company aligns with manufacturing facilities in China and Germany that are managed, and operated using Australian quality assurance processes to achieve compliance with all relevant AS/NZS standards. 


Benelli is currently researching and sourcing an exclusive range of Care products, fully compliant to Australian Standards, and specifically designed for the Australian Assisted Living & Care sector. 


They are acutely focused of offering superior quality products direct to our clients, with the highest level of service, reliability, and value. 

Your Assurance

Quality assurance is the premise of our successful operations. 


Highly trained personnel in both China, and Germany ensure our high-volume wholesale, developer, retail, and commercial clients requirements are for-filled.  


Benelli guarantees the superior quality of products, with Australian-based quality control, stringent compliance and certification procedures to ensure all the applicable standards are diligently upheld. 


Benelli proudly have associations with a wide range of reputable and reliable materials suppliers, designers and fabricators. 

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